I Increased My Read Time and Engagement Using This One Tool

And you can too!

Carly Newberg
4 min readJul 23, 2022


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I know I’m not alone when I say remaining caught up on Medium is difficult this time of year. I’ve heard from countless authors, how — not only are their schedules more full — but Medium is more quieter in general.

People are traveling, enjoying the warm weather, and spending time with their kiddos.

Need proof?

Here is an overview of my growth over the last few months:

Summary of monthly growth from May-July. Photo by author.

As you can see, things were picking up for me in May, and although I’m still increasing my following steadily, there has definitely been a decrease during these summer months.

In addition, here is a screenshot of my views between May and the middle of June:

Screenshot of monthly views (May-June). Photo by author.

Then, from late June to July:

Screenshot of monthly views (June-July). Photo by author.

There’s close to a 1,000 view discrepancy.

I’m by no means innocent

Now, obviously I play a part in all of this. I’m not the exception to being busier this time of year. That being said, my read time has been lower than usual.

However, I started using a new-ish feature on Medium this week that has made it easier to keep up with my favorite writers and practice reciprocation. After all, you get back what you put in on this platform.

The feature I’m speaking of is the narration feature!

Photo of article by Nicole Dake, highlighting Medium’s narration feature. Screenshot by author.

Now, before I continue, let me give a shameless plug and say that the Personal Finance Series by Nicole Dake has been incredibly helpful so far, and you should absolutely check it out…



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