You Should Know, This is What Sets Me Apart From Other Writers

Yes, I am a beautiful and unique snowflake with many assets

Carly Newberg


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I just finished reading an article on why — as a new writer on Medium— people may not be reading my stories. The main piece of advice was to, “Write a personal story that lets people get to know you.”

After all, why would someone invest time reading your 8 minute article when you’ve given them nothing to set you apart from the thousands of other writers on this platform?

Personally, I don’t commit to reading articles longer than 5 minutes unless I’ve established a relationship with you, know more about you than the short description your bio gives me, and truly enjoy your content.

And although I wouldn’t consider myself a new writer, I imagine it’s similar for those who read my work. There is a reason my shortest articles have had the most success.

After reading this piece by Scot Butwell, I started to think about what information might be useful for readers to know about me. I do a pretty good job weaving personal narrative into my articles, but what have I left out?

Instead of telling you a story, I’m going to give some insight into what sets me apart from other writers.

I started writing in my journal when I was 8 years old

My mom and I were separated for a couple of years after her divorce from my dad. One of the last times we saw each other, she handed me a journal and told me to write everything down so she didn’t miss anything. My first journal entries all began with, “Dear mom.” I still cannot read them without crying.

Writing is the place I am most vulnerable

As a child, I constantly felt misunderstood by those around me. It seemed my thoughts were too much…like I was too much. My healthy way of coping with this insecurity was through writing. Writing remains…



Carly Newberg

Yoga instructor / freelancer / mental health advocate writing boldly & bravely about relatable life experiences. I’m done staying silent.